Pre-planning Information
Many people today hesitate when they consider pre-arranging services. Although it
can remind us of difficult times ahead for either a loved one or even for ourselves,
pre-arranging need not be an uncomfortable event. It can be an important and
responsible step that can save both emotional and financial distress.

Because there are so many details and decisions associated with arranging a funeral,
planning a funeral before the need arises can relieve loved ones of the responsibility
of making arrangements at a time that can be difficult. Planning in advance can
demonstrate love and consideration; most importantly, it provides peace of mind in
knowing that all of the financial considerations have been addressed and that all of
the decisions meet your wishes and needs. Pre-planning eliminates doubt.

Pre-planning services for yourself or for a loved one affords you the opportunity to
select exactly the type of services you prefer. Because all services and merchandise
may be selected and paid for in advance, pre-planning can guarantee all selections
at today’s prices—potentially saving you and your family a substantial amount of

At Saunders & McFarlin Funeral Home, we offer a pre-planning program that can be
tailored to satisfy your individual needs. And, arrangements may be made at the
funeral home or even in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you would like
more information about pre-planning services for you or for a loved one, please feel
free to contact us directly at (815) 943-5400 or simply complete and submit our
online request form.
IFDA Pre-planning Information